How to Grow Long Hair Quicker

Despite the numerous beauty trends that come out each year, one thing remains as constant as the first time it was conceived: women with long hair are beautiful.

beauty-15932_640Unfortunately, just like with most things, it can prove to be very easy to grow your hair, but at least in theory. A chosen few women can be able to grow their hairs long with little to no efforts on their parts, and mere “mortals” can only get to watch in envy.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can have long hair. These habits can take some getting used to on your part, but we promise that it can be done. Here are some suggestions for growing your hair:

  • “Massaging” your scalp

This is one advice that women everywhere constantly hear, but it’s one that is rarely practiced even in these times. And yes, you really heard it right the first time: you have to “massage” your scalp like you would with, say, your back.

What’s the reasoning behind this, though? Well, you know how massages can help the blood circulate more freely in a certain area of the body? The same principle actually holds the same for your hair, as well. Namely, increased blood flow to the follicles can help stimulate the growth of your hair. You can also alternately do a gentle “pulling” motion on your hair in lieu of actual massaging.

  • Eating your vitamins

hair-122706_640Your hair is part of your body. Your body needs frequent nutrients. Ergo, anything you consume on your daily meals also contributes to the growth of your hair. What are the essential nutrients that can stimulate hair growth, then? Well, here are just some of the things you have to take note: vitamin B, iron, zinc, and good old-fashioned protein. Simple enough to remember, don’t you agree?

  • Avoiding too much product

Hairsprays and dyes are all well and good for making your hair look more beautiful. Of course, apply too much of it, and you’ll just leave your hair in a heap of a brittle mess. It’s basically the “rule of moderation”, but only applied in the realm of hair-styling.